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About the Geoexploration Techniques departmental


The department is regarded as the newest in the College of Geosciences as it was created in 1990. It focuses on education, scientific research and community service related to geological exploration techniques. The specialization is unique in its comprehensiveness on the fundamentals of technology in the different geological disciplines. The undergraduate program also emphasizes technical skills and geological field excursions to explore mineral wealth, oil and water resources, and participate in geotechnical assessments. The department's research has appeared in leading international scientific journals. The departmental staff shares the overall view of technical-scientific information by being present on social media and other platforms. Depending on the comprehensiveness covering and updating the scientific program, its graduates can compete for the geological jobs of various authorities and quickly integrate into the field of employment.

The department offers the following academic degree:

  1. Bachelor's degree in Geological Exploration Technologies.

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11/17/2022 11:43:28 AM