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About Our Programs

It is the newest department in the Faculty of Earth Sciences, which was established in 2015. The program is based on education, scientific research and community service in the field of geological exploration techniques.

About the Bachelor's Program

The specialization is unique in its comprehensiveness on the fundamentals of technology in the different geological disciplines. The undergraduate program also emphasizes technical skills and geological field excursions to explore mineral wealth, oil and water resources, and participate in geotechnical assessments

Program Objectives
  1. Teaching various exploration techniques in the fields of searching for natural resources.
  2. Developing a student evaluation system to achieve diversity in methods and measure the targeted educational goals.
  3. Expand the use of different software in analyzing and interpreting the data of the various exploration processes.
  4. Develop creativity and innovation and prepare graduates for the labor market to be able to actively participate in future development plans.
  5. Develop the applied sense and the ability to test and experiment by focusing on the applied aspects during the study period.
  6. Developing the skills of graduates in scientific research, discussion and delivery.
  7. Refine students' skills in areas related to geological exploration technology.
  8. To provide graduates with knowledge, scientific skills and methods of scientific research.
Program admission requirement (general conditions)

Students must complete 72 credit units of university and college requirements to place a request for admission the program. When students successfully finish the 6th semester (equivalent to 98 credit units) their application is processed.

Program completion and graduation requirements

The student graduates from the department after completing all the study subjects stipulated in the plan The completion of the study of 207 credit hours and passing End of Program Test.

Program Study Plan

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